The Badaling Section is the most popular spot of China tours, which isn't far from the center of Beijing City. The Badaling Section is also the most crowded section of the wall and you'll have to fight hoards of bussed-in tourists as well as water and soft-drink touts.

The site of the Badaling section of the wall has been a strategic location since the Spring and Autumn Period (770 - 476 B.C.) when the first walls were built. Badaling is the highest section of the Jundu mountain and historically protected the Juyongguan Pass. This portion of the wall was reconstructed during Ming times and was renovated in modern times as well. It was the first section at the Great Wall to open for tourism in 1957.

“Badaling Great Wall is an everlasting monument in the diplomatic history of New China,” said Qian Qichen, former vice-premier and foreign minister, in praise of the role of Badaling Great Wall in the country’s diplomatic history.    In 1954, Premier Zhou Enlai showed Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, round Badaling Great Wall. It was the first time for the country to receive a foreign state leader at the Great Wall. Since then, Badaling Great Wall has turned into an important place for the Chinese Government to entertain foreign guests making state visits. The age-old great wall, lit up with the bloom of youth, shoulders a new historical mission to give voice to the world in its unique modes that the Chinese people love peace and cherish friendship.
Badaling Great Wall embodies the wisdom and civilization of the Chinese nation. It is laid with historical heritages of thousands of years. Badaling Great Wall, a place contested by all strategists since ancient times, is endowed with new historical missions these days. It strides across high mountains, straddles deep oceans, crosses time and space, and serves as a bridge of friendship for all people of the world. The seeds of friendship are shown here. The songs of peace are sung here. Let us pray – May the flowers of true friendship never fade at Badaling Great Wall! Booking a China tour package to enjoy more attractions in China!